Executive Search Solutions

We provide Executive Search solutions to Organizations, Employers and groups aiding them with our expertise to attract top talent in a variety of senior sectors and industry in Ghana, West Africa and globally. We have completed hundreds of critical searches for our clients in diverse sectors and business industries.

Staff Outsourcing Solutions

We provide both outsourcing and out staffing allowing our customers to choose the model which best suits their needs. The key to success with either model is based on the people. We go to great lengths to hire only the best people with the right skills, experience and attitude to meet your organisational goals and objectives

Training Solutions

We provide tailored and needs assessed training, people skills training, executive workforce coaching, HRM training solutions, strategic business training sessions, customer focused training ,Incentive & Bonus scheme training for managers, Succession management training, training for capacity building, Performance management training & More

Professional Business Solutions(PBS)

We provide Professional Business Solutions to our clients. Some of our PBS includes Feasibility studies project proposal, Business Plan and Business Plan revamp, Business proposal writing, Business proposal for raising funds, facilitation for clients to acquire business funding, Strategic business brainstorming sessions, Project management proposal, Contracts writing, Business research, Staff handbook writing, Salary Survey, Microfinance management proposal, incentive & bonus scheme proposal, Risk management, entrepreneurship proposal & More


Other Solutions We Offer

Business Proposal Writing

Our business proposal writing service provides a winning advantage. Our expert proposal writers provides superb craftmanship, compliance and on-time delivery. A persuasive business proposal can generate countless opportunities for your business. Contact us for your professional proposal writing to get the winning proposal you need.

Career Counselling Services

The aim of our career counseling sessions is not only to help you make the decisions that you need to make now but also to give you the knowledge and skills required to equip you on your journey. Our counsellors will help you explore your skills and strengths to enable you reach your destination. 

CV Writing & Upgrade Solutions

Writing a good cv can be one of the toughest challenges of job hunting. Most recruiters and employers spend a few seconds scanning each cv. A good cv presentation can be a leading wining step to land your next job. Our professionals can assist you with a winning cv that can help you land a job faster.

Salary Survey Services

We conduct professional pay research for companies, associations and administer custom salary surveys and advise companies in various aspects of compensation and benefits data.