One of the difficulties facing job seekers in today’s society is overcoming anxiousness prior to an interview. Anxiety about interviews can be a barrier for job seekers.

Meeting individuals in high positions of responsibility for the first time, introducing oneself, and being evaluated and rated on your demeanor, composure, and capacity to market yourself are all things that can happen.

A job interview just like any other human interaction can be very unnerving and it beholds an individual to psych themselves efficiently before the actual event.

The following are some of the strategies that you can use to overcome or manage your anxiety before an interview.

  • Be well prepared as much as possible

Preparation is the best way to overcome interview anxiety. Being well-prepared is a good anxiety reliever. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be at the interview.

Proper preparation gives you confidence, puts you in control and can even make you look forward to the interview in a very relaxed manner.

The more you prepare and practice, the more confident you become and in effect reduce your interview anxiety.

  • Practice

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to ace an interview is to prepare as much as possible beforehand. This includes everything from researching the company and the person who will be interviewing you to memorizing your best accolades and practicing in front of a mirror. What you might not have considered is the importance of also preparing for the worst.

A day before your interview, take some time to either read or write down some general interview questions you anticipate will be asked by the interviewer. Questions like;

Tell me about yourself

Why do you want this job?

Why should I hire you?

Write down your thoughts and answers. Try to make your responses look conversational so that when it gets to the interview your responses will sound natural and not rehearsed. Doing this helps you to focus more on the relevant information needed to ace the interview. Practising will help you feel prepared, and go a long way to boost your confidence.

  • Do your Research

This is one of the common headings you will find in any interview article, this is because it’s too important to overlook.

Learn about the position you are applying for. If you want to be an Accountant in a finance firm, learn about current accounting principles and rules. The interviewer is going to ask you questions directly about the position. Be prepared for these questions, and come along with suggestions for improvements. It shows just how interested you are in the role.

Taking time to do some research, will help you get a better understanding of the organization’s operations. Employers always look out for candidates who have some information on their business operations.

  • Focus on Accomplishments:

Reflect on your achievements and strengths. Reminding yourself of your capabilities can boost your confidence.

Acceptance of Nervousness: It’s normal to feel nervous before an interview. Acknowledge your feelings and remind yourself that being nervous is okay.

Practice Active Listening: Focus on truly understanding the interviewer’s questions before responding. This can help reduce anxiety and improve the quality of your answers.

  • Decide what to wear ahead of time.

Deciding the attire to wear ahead of time before the interview date saves you time and trouble on the big day.  Research or inquire about the appropriate attire for the company you will be interviewing with, and decide what you’re going to wear.  Knowing what you are going to wear will not only make you feel comfortable but also confident.

  • Feel confident

After deciding on what to wear for the interview, feel confident and get ready for the day.  Walking into an interview being prepared and feeling confident goes a long way. Strong body language and direct eye contact with the interviewer during your interview will support not only your confidence but also the confidence the interviewer have in your answers. If you decide to use gestures in the course of the interview, make sure they match your words and your tone. Don’t forget hiring managers are humans too and they will understand and forgive a few minor nervous moments.

  • Finally,

Remember, overcoming job interview anxiety takes practice. The more interviews you participate in, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become. Note that a job interview is not a life-or-death situation and that a company will invite you for an interview because they like your CV. Think positive and go in for the interview. Good luck with your upcoming interview!

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