Who We Are?

The Human Resource Business Investment Center Ltd (THE HR BIC LTD) is a Tech powered HR solutions firm backed with over 20 years’ experience in HR consulting, Manpower outsourcing, Tech powered digital educational solutions, Tech powered hiring solutions and Skills development innovative solutions to support both workforce and Companies.

We provide reliable support to aid in your everyday business operations leading to business growth.


What we bring to you

Employee Outsourcing Solutions

We provide the following Employee Outsourcing Services:

  1. 1.Staff Augmentation Services 
  2. We provide additional or contract staffing solutions to companies that need additional workforce for specific, seasonal or targeted projects to meet business demands. This involves recruiting, onboarding and managing temporary /contracted employees whiles allowing clients to focus on their core operations.

2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We assist clients with their end-to-end recruitment process, taking charge of sourcing candidates, conducting initial screenings, coordinating interviews, and handling the administrative aspects of hiring. This service ensures clients get qualified candidates while reducing their recruitment workload.

Direct Work Employment Visa Support

At HRBIC Ltd, we specialize in providing comprehensive direct work permit visa support services for individuals seeking direct work permits in various industries across multiple countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Poland, Ireland & more. Our expertise and partnerships ensure a smooth and efficient process for securing employment visas for skilled and non-skilled workers in the healthcare and teaching, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, Warehousing, petroleum, constructions, engineering, IT sectors, as well as numerous other industries.

*Why Choose HRBIC Ltd for Your Work Permit Visa Needs?*

  1. *Expert Guidance and Support*: Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the visa application process, ensuring you have all the necessary documentation and meet the requirements for your desired destination.
  1.   *Diverse Job Opportunities*: We offer direct work permit visas for a wide range of industries, including: Healthcare, Teaching, Manufacturing, Construction, Civil Engineering, Warehouse, Administration, Logistics, Vehicle , Transportation & more
  1. *Comprehensive Support*: From initial consultation to final visa approval, we offer end-to-end support, including job placement assistance, document preparation, interview coaching, and post-arrival services.

Recruitment & Digital Hiring Solutions

We understand the cost of bad hire and the need to hire the right talent in good time. We leverage on the best tool, medium and executive search tools to secure the right talent and best shortlist needed to fill workforce gaps.

We present standardized market pricing and offer tailored services to both corporates and SME’S supporting them to achieve their business and financial goals.

We offer employers and job seekers the digital avenue to connect to fulfill mutual employment goals via www.bicjobs.com.gh

HR Consulting & Training Solutions

We provide the following HR Consulting Services:

1.Strategic HR Planning: We offer this service to help companies align their HR strategies with their business goals. This involves conducting organizational assessments, defining HR strategies, and creating workforce plans tailored to the company’s objectives.

2.HR Policy Development and Implementation: We provide guidance in developing HR policies and procedures tailored to the specific needs and compliance requirements of client organizations. Also assist in implementing these policies effectively.

3.Executive Coaching and Leadership Development: We provide coaching services to executives and leadership teams to enhance their leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and overall effectiveness.

4.Employee Surveys and Engagement Analysis: We conduct employee surveys, gather feedback, and analyze data to provide actionable insights for improving employee engagement and satisfaction for business decision towards growth and development.

Skills Development Education Solutions

We constantly build a culture for everyone to continue learning. Our Solutions Includes:

1.Online Training and Certification Programs: We develop and offer online courses and certification programs focused on HR skills, leadership development, Entrepreneur sales pitch training, talent management, Interview Coaching, Hiring Right, compliance training, Soft Skills training, and sales training. We Charge enrollment fees for these programs.

2.Customized Corporate Training Solutions: We design and deliver customized training solutions for corporate clients tailored to their specific HR needs. Offer in-person or virtual training sessions for employee development and HR skill enhancement.

3.Virtual HR Workshops and Webinars: We host virtual workshops, seminars, and webinars on HR-related topics, technical and entrepreneurship training forums inviting industry experts as speakers.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

We support SME’S and large organizations with HR, Payroll, finance outsourcing solutions.

Our payroll system provides an end-to end payroll management system that includes:

  1. Payroll Processing
  2. Leave Management
  3. Statutory Compliance
  4. Expense Management
  5. Time & Attendance Monitoring Management

Compliance and Regulatory Services

We provide expertise in understanding labor laws and regulations. We help clients ensure their HR practices align with legal requirements.



Our Mission

Our mission is fulfilling HR, provide jobs employment, Job creation avenues, Skills development, aiding the entrepreneur and supporting workforce and companies achieve their Talent, career and organizational needs.

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