Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Job Hunting:

1. Having unclear goals If you’re unsure what job you want, your search may be challenging. This can complicate selecting a company to apply to or choosing from several available roles within an organization. Some people might apply for every open position in a specific division or company, but doing so can seem unfocused to […]


One of the difficulties facing job seekers in today’s society is overcoming anxiousness prior to an interview. Anxiety about interviews can be a barrier for job seekers. Meeting individuals in high positions of responsibility for the first time, introducing oneself, and being evaluated and rated on your demeanor, composure, and capacity to market yourself are […]


Effective time management has proven to be a very effective way for reducing stress. Time management entails balancing between your most valuable and undervalued resource. The way we spend our time determines to a large extent how successful or otherwise we are in life. Time is ultimately the most valuable resource we have and it […]

Tips To Help You Stand Out In A Job Interview

Standing out during an interview increases your chances of getting a job offer from your prospective company. Understanding the different techniques employers look for can help you showcase your skills, work experience and why you’re the right fit for the job. Here are some tips to help you stand out in a job interview: Remember, […]

How To Prepare For A Virtual Job Interview

Preparing for a virtual job interview requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure you make a positive impression. A thorough preparation guide is provided below: Ensure that your webcam and microphone are in working order, and that your internet connection is steady. Test the Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype video conferencing software or […]

5 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Employee Relations

Go Digital Technology. It needs to be the first move you make when refocusing your strategies to put employees above numbers (and just so we’re clear, when you focus on employees, those numbers will increase.) A mobile team communications app is a demonstration of trust, transparency, and inclusion. Read on to see why a digital […]

Measures of Recruiting Effectiveness

A basic tenant in talent acquisition is that what works for one organization may not apply to another and what is effective in one country may be ineffective in other areas of the world. Consider the general suggestions below and how they may work for your organization in boosting recruitment effectiveness. Be Proactive Brand Use […]

6 Ways Effective Listening Can Make You A Better Leader

1.     Show That You Care When you care about your employees, they tend to work harder and aim to exceed your expectations.   Employees want to be led by those who genuinely care about who they are and what they represent to the team and organization at-large.   Don’t just view your employees as tools and resources for […]

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